About Malcolm Paull

MalcolmPaull has been in the retail and fashion industry for over 30 years. An avid lover of kimonos and coats is proud to launch his own designs.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, he started early in the retail sector and quickly advanced to management then to styling and styling A-list clients.

Each MalcolmPaull coat and kimono is unique in itself and all are “one-off pieces” which means you are the only one in the world to own it. Quite special.

His coats and kimonos have reached people including celebrities in  New York, Canada, London, and Italy to rave reviews.

Each coat and kimono is “oversized”, has his signature “Double point collar” and “wide paneled sleeves” and all coats have been finished with a “Hand-stitched” buttonhole. His oversized coats and kimonos generally fit from a size 12 up to a size 20, giving each piece a flowing movement and beautiful drape to one’s body.

If you’re after something unique, eye-catching, and a statement piece then a MalcolmPaull coat or kimono is the perfect garment to own in your wardrobe.